Sunday, April 12, 2009

Warmer days ahead

Now that the days are getting longer and the thermometer is trying its best to get up into the fifties more and more, I'm thinking summer garments. I usually wear jeans and T-shirts at work but I'd like to have something more stylish. Thumbing thru the pattern books at Halcyon Yarn in Bath a couple of weekends ago I came across Knitting Pure & Simple's Henley T Shirt for Women. I'm using two strands 100% cotton with slubs. At the moment there are around 260 stitches on the needles so it takes awhile to make much progress but the picture shows the progress made in one evening plus about six hours over this weekend. I'm determined not to let this languish on the needles and become an unfinished project like every other sweater I've ever started for myself.

When I bought the yarn, there were also five Addi circular needles in my basket. The helpful employee asked if I'd considered getting a set of Addi clicks. I was skeptical having had a set of interchangeable needles in the past but the liberal return policy convinced me to give them a try. Well I'm a believer now and they'll have paid for themselves if I do just three projects that call for different circulars.

Back to my knitting. The clock's ticking and Spring's fast approaching.


  1. Glad you are making something for yourself woman! the Southerner

  2. I love the header. Is that new? It makes me miss summer time in Maine.