Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall's Coming

From April to October, my job becomes my life. Many weekends I work part of one if not both days on top of the usual office time Monday through Friday. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. I only say this as explanation of the absence of posts during the summer months. As the sailing season winds down, I begin to reclaim my personal time.

I've managed to finish just two projects this summer: both socks. The first pair was your generic 2x2 rib-cuff, no nonsense pattern made of Plymouth's Sockotta Italian Collection (45% cotton, 40% wool, 15% nylon). This pair was started on the way to my niece's college graduation in May and were finished mid August. The second pair was made with Trekking Pro Natura yarn received for Christmas in 2007. The first sock, made for a fellow knitter before she became a fanatic sock knitter herself, was done down to the toe in February 2008 when I realized I might not have enough yarn. After spending months searching unsuccessfully for another skein of the same color (forget the dye lot -- they'd be close enough), the single sock was exiled to my UFO basket to languish for the next eighteen months. This month over Labor Day weekend I decided it was time to do something about "the" sock. Since it's original recipient has a larger foot, I had to do some frogging as well as figure out where I was in the 12 row lace pattern in order to resize it for myself, definitely a task to be tackled early in the day while my concentration was at its best. Once the first sock was finished the second one was a breeze. In less than three weeks of bits of time every day, the second sock is done (even with some serious frogging to correct knitter errors )!
On to the next project. I have a shawl in cranberry red in the works and a request for a berry hat for my great nephew. --A happy knitter, again.

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